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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mansun - Six (1998)

Six is the second album by English rock band Mansun, released in September 1998 via Parlophone Records. It was released in the US on April 20, 1999 with an alternate running order, different artwork, and the re-recorded single version of the title track. In an interview prior to the release of Six, Paul Draper stated that the "interlude" "Witness to a Murder (Part Two)" was included to separate the album into two parts as a tribute to old-style vinyl albums.

1. "Six" Draper 8:07
2. "Negative" Draper, Chad, King, Rathbone 4:21
3. "Shotgun" Draper, Chad 6:38
4. "Inverse Midas" Chad 1:44
5. "Anti-Everything" Draper 2:25
6. "Fall Out" Draper 3:47
7. "Serotonin" Draper 2:33
8. "Cancer" Draper 9:31
9. "Witness to a Murder (Part Two)" (monologue performed by Tom Baker) Chad 3:06
10. "Television" Draper, Chad 8:21
11. "Special / Blown It (Delete as Appropriate)" Draper 5:32
12. "Legacy" Draper 6:33
13. "Being a Girl" Draper 7:59

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