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Monday, August 30, 2010

Taio Cruz - Dynamite

"Dynamite" is a song by British recording artist Taio Cruz. It was written by Benny Blanco, Taio Cruz, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee, and Dr. Luke, and produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco for the international version of his second album, Rokstarr. On 30 May 2010 it was released to US and Canadian radio stations as his second single and across Europe as his fourth single. The official remix features new label mate, Jennifer Lopez. The song became Cruz' second number-one single on both the UK Singles Chart and Billboard's US Pop Songs chart. It also topped the charts in Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, and became a top ten hit in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Norway and Switzerland.

Watch Dynamite at Youtube, you can also watch the video at official Taio Cruz website.

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Royksopp - Senior (2010)

Senior is a forthcoming instrumental album from Norwegian duo Röyksopp, set for release on 13 September 2010. The album has been described as an introspective, withdrawn, atmospheric counterpart to energetic Junior. Röyksopp described the album as having an "autumn mood" to it, while Junior had a "spring feel". In an interview with KCRW, Svein Berge likened Senior to "the senile sibling of Junior who lives in the attic." The Alcoholic has been described by the band as a "nostalgic idea based on this hobo who hitchhikes on trains and travels from place to place.

go and watch official Royksopp videos .

01 - And The Forest Began To Sing
02 - Tricky Two
03 - The Alcoholic
04 - Senior Living
05 - The Drug
06 - Forsaken Cowboy
07 - The Fear
08 - Coming Home
09 - A Long, Long Way

Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People EP (2010)

The 60-minute, eight-track All Delighted People is centred around two versions of Stevens’s epic song of the same name, which is, according to his label, “a dramatic homage to the Apocalypse, existential ennui, and Paul Simon’s ‘Sounds of Silence.’” The EP also features live staple “The Owl and the Tanager” and the 17-minute “Djohariah,” which is described as a “guitar jam-for-single-mothers.”

1. "All Delighted People" (Original Version) – 11:38
2. "Enchanting Ghost" – 3:39
3. "Heirloom" – 2:55
4. "From the Mouth of Gabriel" – 4:03
5. "The Owl and the Tanager" – 6:38
6. "All Delighted People" (Classic Rock Version) – 8:07
7. "Arnika" – 5:13
8. "Djohariah" – 17:02

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jenny Wilson to Release New Single for “Like A Fading Rainbow”

Swedish sensation Jenny Wilson is bringing her brand of idiosyncratic pop stateside for the first time ever with her U.S. release Hardships! The album is coming out on her own label Gold Medal Recordings on August 24th, but she has teamed up with IAMSOUND Records for a special single release of the track
“Like A Fading Rainbow.”

On this single Jenny builds modern day spirituals off unique instrumentation including harps, marimbas, synths, and her own multi-tracked vocals on a song that FADER regards as “monumental and completely exemplary of her grandiosity of vision.” The b-side of the single features an incredible gospel version of the track “Hardships,” which we’re thrilled to give away to you today, thanks to IAMSOUND!

Hardships! may be Jenny’s first solo foray in to the U.S. scene, yet those with a keen ear may recognize her voice from a guest spot on The Knife’s break-out album Deep Cuts. The Knife also released her 2005 debut solo album Love and Youth on their Swedish imprint, Rabid Records. The following year she teamed up with fellow Swedish pop sensation, Robyn, on The Rakamonie EP which includes the two doing a dueling-keys live rendition of Saul Williams “List of Demands.”

Download the Gospel B-Side version of “Hardships” HERE!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Al Green - Green Is Blues (1970)

"GREEN IS BLUES is Al Green's debut and was the opening shot of a career that included million-selling records, a run of hits and the unofficial passing of the soul mantle from Otis Redding to Green. Although almost half of BLUES consists of covers, all are tattooed by Al Green's unique singing style. Smokey Robinson's "My Girl" and The Beatles' "Get Back" both benefit from Green's impassioned phrasing and producer Willie Mitchell's solid horn arrangements. The novice vocalist even manages to inject a degree of desperation into the Box Tops' "The Letter" not found in the original.

Green Gospel's influence found its way onto this record in the shape of a testimonial reading of Jerry Butler's "I Stand Accused" and the fascinating introspection of "Gotta Find A New World." The two songs Green had a hand in composing, "Tomorrow's Dream" (co-written with Mitchell) and "Get Back Baby" point the way towards later songwriting successes such as "Tired Of Being Alone." The former is a tight pop number with a percolating bassline whereas the latter is funkier, a la James Brown."-cduniverse

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The Triffids - Holy Water 12"

Holy Water is a single released by The Triffids from their album Calenture. It was produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Echo & the Bunnymen, Foo Fighters) and written by David McComb. The B-Side "Good Morning, Good Morning" is the band's cover of the Beatles' "Good Morning Good Morning" from the tribute album Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father. "Red Pony" is taken from the 1983 release, Treeless Plain and "Raining Pleasure" is from 1984 Raining Pleasure EP.

Pete Townshend - Empty Glass

"Who mastermind Pete Townshend's strongest solo record was born in a hailstorm of despair, uncertainty, and tribulation. With the once viscerally powerful Who in limbo, the guitarist nearly sunk himself into brandy-drenched oblivion. He emerged with one of his most gripping solo pieces and--perhaps unsurprisingly--the most Who-like album of all his solo work.

Pete plunges into his familiar themes of aging, sexuality, and spiritual decay with fervor, desperation, and commitment. And while EMPTY GLASS does not approach the roaring physicality of the Who at its best, the emotional punch of "Jools and Jim" and "I Am an Animal" is sure to rattle the cage of even the most ardent hard rock devotee. Also of note are Townshend's vocals. Through the entire album, whether on the radio-ready paean to Meher Baba "Let My Love Open the Door," the bracing "Rough Boys," or the sublime "A Little Is Enough," his vocals are hanging on the edge of a cliff, presumably dangling over a certain death."-cduniverse

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

La Roux - La Roux

With commercially successful singles "Quicksand" and "In For The Kill" (latterly remixed by dubstep luminary Skream), red-headed, pale-skinned Brixton girl Elly Jackson and her "invisible" co-producer Ben Langmaid irrevocably established their love of 80s pop. This debut album continues the duo’s foray into euphoric retro-dance, nodding non-ironically to the likes of The Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Heaven 17 and The Human League while remaining impressively contemporary. Opening with a string of sassy tunes--the buzzing "Tigerlily", the synth-heavy "Quicksand" and the slick and fiery "Bulletproof"--it’s apparent that La Roux have colour, class and confidence in spades. The album tapers off a little during the second half--failed experiments like "Cover My Eyes" which features the London Community Gospel Choir don't help--but it still boasts way more in the shape of dynamic killers than sappy fillers. First class.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster

"Beautiful Monster" is a song by American singer Ne-Yo from his upcoming fourth studio album, Libra Scale. The song was released to iTunes as the album's first single on June 8, 2010. The song was written by Ne-Yo and produced by longtime collaborators Stargate.

It is the number one hit song at official Uk pop music chart.

Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster

"Beautiful Monster" is a song by American singer Ne-Yo from his upcoming fourth studio album, Libra Scale. The song was released to iTunes as the album's first single on June 8, 2010. The song was written by Ne-Yo and produced by longtime collaborators Stargate.

It is the number one hit song at official Uk pop music chart.

Free stream at Ne-Yo myspace.

Watch Beautiful Monster at official Ne-Yo.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Guided by Voices – Fast Japanese Spin Cycle

Although this Guided by Voices EP only clocks in at ten-and-a-half minutes, one would be hard pressed to argue against its quality. Among Fast Japanese Spin Cycle's eight tracks are a guitar-heavy version of "Marchers in Orange" that is far superior to the Vampire on Titus version, and "Kisses to the Crying Cooks," an acoustic variation of Propeller's opener, "Over the Neptune." Elsewhere, "Indian Fables" is a sublime little tune that makes the most of its one minute running time, and on "Volcano Divers," Robert Pollard crafts a memorable tune around a single guitar line and an echoing drum. The standout track, though, is the concert favorite, "My Impression Now," which somehow has eluded placement on a full-length album. Possessing all the necessary elements of classic Guided by Voices, this track itself is worth the price of admission.

Mansun - Little Kix (2000)

Little Kix (released summer 2000 - see 2000 in music) was the third album by English rock group Mansun. It marked a departure from their previous style, employing a more commercial sound.

Mansun - Six (1998)

Six is the second album by English rock band Mansun, released in September 1998 via Parlophone Records. It was released in the US on April 20, 1999 with an alternate running order, different artwork, and the re-recorded single version of the title track. In an interview prior to the release of Six, Paul Draper stated that the "interlude" "Witness to a Murder (Part Two)" was included to separate the album into two parts as a tribute to old-style vinyl albums.

1. "Six" Draper 8:07
2. "Negative" Draper, Chad, King, Rathbone 4:21
3. "Shotgun" Draper, Chad 6:38
4. "Inverse Midas" Chad 1:44
5. "Anti-Everything" Draper 2:25
6. "Fall Out" Draper 3:47
7. "Serotonin" Draper 2:33
8. "Cancer" Draper 9:31
9. "Witness to a Murder (Part Two)" (monologue performed by Tom Baker) Chad 3:06
10. "Television" Draper, Chad 8:21
11. "Special / Blown It (Delete as Appropriate)" Draper 5:32
12. "Legacy" Draper 6:33
13. "Being a Girl" Draper 7:59

Monday, August 2, 2010

dEUS - Vantage Point

“Vantage Point” finds dEUS at their most adventurous and self-assured, containing moments of brooding grandeur, via propulsive rhythms, icy synths, deadly riffs and punk-funk grooves. dEUS remain as eclectic as ever, though this new release also finds them at their most emotive and melody-driven, particularly on tracks such as “The Vanishing of Maria Schneider”, where Guy Garvey’s aching harmonies beautifully complement those of dEUS frontman Tom Barman.

Having secured their status as art-rock legends during the 90s … lionised by the likes of Radiohead and REM… it is clear that the best was yet to come, as dEUS stake out bold new frontiers for themselves on what is surely one of the finest albums of 2008 …

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Los Lobos - How Will The Wolf Survive? (1984)

"Los Lobos's ability to wade through disparate musical styles isn't the stuff of Elvis and the Beatles, but Los Lobos did it on their debut album. And, unlike much of the material Los Lobos cut their teeth on as a Los Angeles Top 40 cover band, there is nothing lowest-common-denominator about the band's original music. "Don't Worry Baby" is a blues rocker gritty enough for John Lee Hooker; rockabilly meets country, courtesy of David Hidalgo's lap steel, on "Our Last Night"; Cesar Rosas pays homage to the band's Mexican roots on the mariachi-style "Corrido #1"; and "Will the Wolf Survive?" is an infectious jangle rocker that became an early MTV hit. Seamless. File under American Music."

Blondie - Looks Good In Blue (1978)

"Looks Good In Blue" was recorded at Paradise Theater in Boston on 1978-05-27.